• Value in a fresh looking logo/brand
  • Do I need to refresh my logo checklist

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand image that becomes the most recognisable part of your brand by your audience. It’s generally the first impression and it needs to make a lasting impression. Your logo is the most efficient symbol/image for your audience to say – this is who we are.


Many corporations and business spend huge amounts to ensure their logo has instant recognition and stands apart from their competitors in their particular field.

Our world is littered with logos and images which might seem like useless scatter to some, but the power of instant recognition is huge. It’s about being ever present in the mind of your audience at the moment when they will require your product/service. It’s also about association. Who you are and who your logo/brand is associated with can elevate your public perception and successful engagement of an audience. Most importantly it’s about recall. When your audience thinks of your industry, you want your logo to pop up fast and clearly in their mind.

Changing a logo might be difficult to those who has grown accustomed to their logo as they have seen the business grow under that logo and it has a heritage and history associated with it. This is fine in some cases where a large amount of brand recognition and brand equity have already be secured, but shouldn’t be the driving factor in not refreshing your logo. Think about you marketing strategy or business plan – you have had to modify and change these to suit changes to your business/industry no doubt. Your logo is the same.

Your logo is a tool that represents your business, its values and its personality. If your logo isn’t doing these things effectively and in keeping with the growth of your business, then it is damaging your brand and business and not effectively engaging your target audience.

I have created a quick checklist below that you can use to determine whether it’s time for you to refresh your logo and think about rebranding.


Take a look at the list below and answer YES or NO.

Keep in mind that since your current logo was designed and implemented, your core values, audience, service and goals may have changed. Your logo must clearly reflect this.

  • Does your logo clearly say who you are?
  • Is it clear what industry you service from your logo?
  • Does your logo design look contemporary/fresh?
  • Does your logo reflect your brand’s personality now and for the future?
  • Does your logo look professional?
  • Does your logo stand out against your competitor?
  • Does your logo design appeal to your target audience?
  • Does your logo replicate well across various media?
  • Is your logo used consistently and clearly across your marketing material and business assets?

If you find yourself answering the a few in the ‘NO’ category then it is time to think about rebranding and refreshing your logo.

Take a look at my website design galleries to see examples of how a successful log design and rebrand can make a stronger engagement with your audience.

Also check out my FREE ‘Brand & Marketing Essentials Template’ that clearly demonstrates the place your logo plays in creating lasting connections with your audience.